We Invite You to Stand By Us!

We hope that you are safe and well, and will be excited to hear the update on the Huron Waves Music Festival.
The coronavirus scourge has been affecting us all, and that includes plans for the first season of the Music Festival.   With over two months to go before we had to suspend sales and still a sales figure approaching 400 tickets for The Kingdom Choir’s concerts, we believe there is a healthy appetite for music in south-western Ontario so we are determined to reschedule the dates and artists of the festival for December 1 to 11, this year. In fact, we’re going to base the name of our revised plans on one of the Choir’s own songs; they famously sing Stand By Me and we’re going to call our new plans Stand By Us!
It’s good news for us to tell you that along with Canadian musicians, The Kingdom Choir is also reorganising its North American tour and adding seasonal music to its repertoire. The Choir will be with us in Huron County during our new dates! They will perform Dec. 10 and Dec. 11.
As this year moves along and especially in the autumn, closer to these dates, we will keep in touch with you with more precise details about our program.  
We all need good news to help us get through the challenges of these days of isolation and anxiety. I hope you will feel, as we do, that Huron Waves’ plans to mount a festival of outstanding music that includes The Kingdom Choir can be, at least for now, the kind of positive, long-range thinking we all need to hear about.
Be safe and healthy,