Thank you from Gerald Fagan

Bach Festival Artistic Director Thanks Community!

In two weeks time, my wife Marlene and I travel to Ottawa for the ceremony whereby I receive the Order of Canada. Although I am proud of this achievement, at the same time I am very humble at being chosen. One realizes early in life, that one’s achievements are because of the kindness of many people met along the way. It is with this knowledge, that I thank the numerous people from Exeter and South Huron who were front and centre in offering my name for consideration to the Governor General. I will never know exactly who you were, but I do know that it was because of your actions that we are travelling to Ottawa soon.

When Friedhelm Hoffmann, the Chairman of the Board, and I thought of the Bach Festival situating in Exeter, we were met with much skepticism from sources outside the area. For the last seven years, the efforts of countless performers, politicians, donors, businesses and volunteers have made it possible to make The Bach Music Festival of Canada a reality. The number of folk is in the hundreds, if not thousands who have either participated or attended performances . This I did not accomplish; it was the efforts of good people working together which made the Festival so successful.

So now , the hard working Board of Directors is gearing up for Festival 2017, which we have named “OUR HOME AND NATIVE LAND”. This July we will present an all Canadian cast of performers (including many world class musicians, and great local artists). As the weeks go by, exciting news of singers and players coming to South Huron will be publicized. It promises to be a thrilling time in July as we celebrate Canada and Ontario’s Anniversary.

Thank you all for the kindness shown to me and my family in the time spent in South Huron…..these are memories never forgotten.

Gerald Fagan C.M., O.Ont.

Artistic Director,

The Bach Music Festival of Canada