Event – I Was Born! featuring Peggy Coffey

What an Honour to be a Part of this Event!

Stories of the Women’s Institute production – “I Was Born” hosted
by Bach Music Festival of Canada, Exeter and the
Alice Munro Writers and Readers Festival, Wingham

Together two Festival committees are hosting a presentation by actor and creative director Peggy Coffey in a
reading of her mask and story piece – I Was Born – at 2pm on June 19th, 2013 at Trivitt Memorial Anglican
Church, 264 Main Street South, Exeter. Peggy brings alive the stories of women who began their lives at the
turn of the century in rural Ontario — extraordinary women who lived through some of the most dramatic
changes of any generation. The presentation is based on stories of the women of the Women’s Institutes,
which were collected and published by the Women’s Institute (WI) in a book called From This Place by
Pat Salter.
I was immediately taken by the power and historical significance of the stories these women tell about the
lives they lived in the early part of the 20th Century in rural southern Ontario,” Peggy says, and she began to
envision a theatre piece which would tell these stories and celebrate the lives of these remarkable women.
Working in collaboration with Heather Ruthig, a prop and mask maker from the Stratford Festival, they created
the first mask. ‘Grace’ is a ninety year old woman who tells the first story in the book. Peggy recalls: “I
envisioned ‘Grace’ standing on a white pedestal with “circa 1901″ on a sign at her feet, the idea being that she
is a ‘museum piece’. Then Grace steps off the pedestal and tells her story.

Peggy gives “voice to an entire generation, whose perspective stands in illuminating contrast to our crowded,
chaotic, and ever-shrinking world” one audience member said after seeing Peggy perform this piece. Marion
Adler says it best: (I Was Born) is “a magical, immediate, exhilarating experience of the past (achieved) with
simplicity and grace.”

June 19th, 2013
Trivitt Memorial Anglican Church
264 Main Street South, Exeter
Doors open: 1:00PM
Reading Performance: 2:00PM
Tickets: $10:00 per person available by calling: Bonnie Sitter – 519-235-1909 | Karen Stewart – 519-523-4328

Tickets are also available online at www.ticketscene.ca


Steering Committee
Laurel Armstrong, John Cull, Connie Goodall, Beth Ross, Verna Steffler, Karen Stewart, Jennifer Zoethout
CONTACT: Karen Stewart, 519.523.4328 | 519.441.7629 (cell) | kstewart@ezlink.ca
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