Huron Waves knows what it takes to build a music festival – it takes friends, lots of friends.  

Here are the individual private citizens, businesses, governments, arts agencies, community organisations, foundations and anonymous donors who are the Friends helping us to add our music to the culture and lifestyle of Ontario’s West Coast.

To find a unique way to identify such generous donors, we turn to the very bodies of water that make our province such a vibrant, thriving environment…the Great Lakes.  Our supporters are thus named by the waters that touch our shores and inspire us every day.

Thank you for being our Friends!




$5000 – 10,000
James Bannerman
Faux Pop Media
GC Financial Solutions Group Inc.
Grand Bend Pharmacy

Grand Bend Rotary
Huron County Economic Development
Nargis Tarmohamed & Shaukat Mangalji 
South Huron Vitality Fund
Sunset Foundation
Anne Walsh


$2000 – $4999
Dr. Rekha Lal & Dr. Parvesh Anand
Paul & Julie Ciufo
Central Huron Community Fund
Hyde Construction
Orr Insurance
Pharmasave, Grand Bend
Dorothy Washbern


$1000 – $1999
The Bayley Group
Dr. Marie Gear & Larry Cerson

Hessenland Inn & Schatz Winery
Jane and Rick Orr
Bonnie Sitter
SunLife Financial


$500 – $999
Douglas & Valerie Thompson

Catherine Weber


to $499
Arina Bingeliene
Heather Boa
Colborne Bed & Breakfast
Stanley & Ellen Connolly
Yvonne Coultes
Dark Horse Estate Winery
G & L Godbolt
James Hollingworth
Huron-Perth Boomers
Anne Kuch
Frank Leahy
Phyllis Lodge
Janice McKean
John A. Miller & Andrey Tarasiuk
Susan Moore
Sandra Newton
Kimberley Payne
The Read Family
Tony Scott
Lynn Tremain
Rheo Thompson Candies
Brenda Trowsdale
Anne Van Burek
Beth Wark
David Wise