Message From Artistic Director John Miller

Welcome to the very day – August 1 – that I always consider the middle of summer…so perhaps you’ll find the items in this newsletter a little light, to reflect the sense of relaxation I feel around this time of the year. But what a unique year it has been…so far. We need music and the arts more than ever, say I.

An A-Maze-ING ACCOLADE     As I’ve been driving around Huron County, I’ve noticed the fields luscious with crops while on my radio I’ve been hearing musical tributes to Ludwig Van Beethoven’s 250 birthday this year. How appropriate, then, to show you one farming family’s honour for the great composer… a maze on 1.7 hectares in the Bavarian town of Utting am Ammersee. Wouldn’t it be fun if a field in our County were made into a similar, annual labyrinth honouring a great Canadian music figure? Perhaps this is something a future Huron Waves Music Festival could encourage.