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Music Connects Us

Notes from our Artistic Director

May 2, 2022

I’ve been planning festivals and events for many a year, but there has never been a year – or should I say years – quite like the countdown to a first Huron Waves festival! It’s really been three years, or at least three planned festivals, that have brought us to a point where we genuinely can say to potential audiences, “We’re on the cusp of the countdown…just one month to go until we Celebrate Music and Celebrate the County!” Here’s a rundown of what’s happening today.

We’re Hiring. Thanks to a federal program that supports summer youth employment, Huron Waves is about to welcome someone from Huron County to work closely with our General Manager to help us prepare and carry out a month of music. If any of our readers knows of someone who would enjoy this opportunity, please share this information with him/her:

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