Check out our 2020 “Celebrate the Season” video below.


So this is Saturday, January 1, 2022…we made it into a new year. Where do we go now?

The headlines, day after day, lead one towards discouragement, doubt, anxiety…but that’s not my spirit towards life, and it’s definitely not the sentiment I want to include in this message, the 26th monthly message I’ve penned for Huron Waves readers since we began our communications in December, 2019.

I won’t give in to discouragement precisely because there are good reasons to be positive about what the past 26 months have meant for the idea of a fresh, new music festival in south-west Ontario.  2021 in particular has led Huron Waves to three exciting conclusions and those are what I want to share as the new year arrives.

First, there definitely is an audience for a Huron Waves Music Festival.

The proof is in the statistics for viewership of our latest, curated music video.  What we released on December 15 was the closest step we could take towards live events under the health and safety protocols.   The results are more than encouraging for us.

A Huron Waves Christmas, 2021 continues to exceed our highest expectations with a viewership, to date, that’s three times the numbers of our first video in December, 2020

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